Running a Community Building

Community buildings and community rooms can be really important, valuable places for local people to meet and do things together. Having a place to go helps people get to know other people who live close to them, and also makes it easier for groups to get together and organise things.

This section provides advice about some of the things to consider when running a community building or a community room.

The services listed below are not provided by the Resource Centre. These are websites and services we feel are particularly useful for small groups in Brighton & Hove, and which are not easy to find by searching the internet.

Most useful services for local groups

A network of community buildings managers from across the city, providing mutual support, sharing information and skills and giving a voice to those running and supporting our vital community spaces. The group meets regularly in community buildings around the city. Their website has a good map of venues for hire.

A membership organisation for community led organisations, such as Development Trusts.

Have a useful guide to using social media
Have a useful guide to managing outdoor spaces

Community Base provides office space for local voluntary sector groups. To join the waiting list for office space, email
They also provide the following services for all local groups:

  • Volunteer Search, where local groups can advertise for volunteers and individuals can look for volunteering opportunities.
  • Community Job Search, where local groups can advertise jobs
  • A postal address service for £25 per year
  • Free access to Funds Online, the Directory of Social Change’s comprehensive guide to grant funding trusts in the United Kingdom. To access this, email
  • Other services you might find useful

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