Awards for All (National Lottery)

Grants available for: not-for-profit groups. Community projects that will run for up to six months.
Size of grants given: £300 to £10,000
No deadlines. Applications take about 18 weeks to process.

Aims of Fund

This programme now focuses on funding projects and organisations helping communities through the COVID-19 pandemic

Who can apply

Any not-for-profit group.

New groups are encouraged to apply. However you should draw up a constitution and open a bank account before you do.

See their website for more details about who can apply.

How much and what can you apply for

In response to the Covid-19 emergency, the priority for funding is:

  • organisations supporting people who are at high risk from COVID-19
  • organisations supporting people most likely to face increased demand and challenges as a result of the COVID-19 crisis
  • organisations which connect communities and support communities to work together to respond to COVID-19.

Any groups seeking funding for projects that are not related to COVID-19 are asked not to apply at this time. They will review and update this decision in July 2020.

You can apply for funding for a wide range of different types of cost, including (but not limited to):

  • equipment
  • one-off events
  • small capital projects
  • staff costs
  • training costs
  • transport
  • utilities/running costs
  • volunteer expenses.

How to apply

The application form is online and you will need to register to access it. There is a new form since 1st October 2019, so you need to register again, even if you already had an account before that date. Go to:

Read the guidance notes to help you.

Deadlines for application

There are no deadlines. You should hear within about 18 weeks of them receiving a complete application.

Contact details

0345 4 10 20 30

Last updated 12/5/20 DA

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