Managing Money

It can really help your group to run smoothly if the financial side of things is well managed and carefully looked after. It is your whole group’s responsibility to do this – it’s important not to just leave it up to just one person.

This section provides information to help your group to take shared responsibility for the finances. It outlines why it is important to be well organised about keeping track of your group’s money, and suggests strategies to help you do this. It also contains information about how to budget and plan for the future.

Looking after your group’s money
Budgeting and financial planning
Getting outside help with managing money

Free accounts systems for small groups

Free downloadable accounts systems

Information sheets in this section, A-Z

Bank accounts for community groups
Budgets for community groups
Charity reporting and accounts
Examination of accounts
Financial rules
Fundraising ideas
How much money do we have?
Independent examination of accounts at the Resource Centre
Managing money at an event
Planning a funding application
Support for Resource Centre member groups
Support for Tenants’ and Residents’ Associations
Support for treasurers
Treasurer’s role
Your group’s money

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