Improving your neighbourhood

Many community groups exist in order to make improvements to a neighbourhood and solve local problems. This section provides information about ways to find out what local people think and get people working together to improve things, as well as details of some funders in Sussex who work specifically with neighbourhood-based projects.  The Links tab has contact details for other useful organisations who can help.

  • Designing and using questionnaires

    Using questionnaires and surveys to find out what people think

  • Involving people in your group

    How do you get lots of people along to your meetings and events? How do you make sure that more than a handful of you are doing the bulk of the work?

  • Organising a letter-writing campaign

    Tips on running a letter-writing campaign

  • Organising a petition

    Using a petition as part of your campaign

  • Organising a public meeting

    Holding a public meeting can be a really good way of building a campaign or getting more people involved in your group.  Here are a few ideas to help you organise a meeting that is interesting, accessible and run smoothly.

  • Patcham Community Fund

    Grants available for: Groups working to improve quality of life for residents in the Patcham area, including Hollingdean and Withdean.
    Size of grants available: Up to £1000
    No deadlines

  • Planning a community newsletter

    This information sheet is designed to help your group produce a successful community newsletter.

  • State your case

    How to write a briefing sheet for a campaign

  • Sussex Gardens Trust

    Grants available for: Any group or organisation that manages or owns a park or open space within Sussex.
    Size of grants given: up to £1,000
    No deadlines

  • Support for Resource Centre Member Groups

    The Resource Centre offers extra free support to our member groups. We can help member groups to create publicity, raise funds, keep good accounts and run a group effectively.

These books are available at the Resource Centre, for reference only. If you prefer to borrow them, some of the titles are available at local libraries in Brighton & Hove. Groups based in Sussex are welcome to come in and browse our bookshelf and noticeboards.