Fundraising Strategy

It will make it easier to raise money if you well organised and have a plan. This section provides advice on budgeting to help you have a clear idea about what you need to raise money for and why. It also contains information to help you plan your activities so that you can focus on ways of fundraising that will be most useful for your group.

The Resource Centre can offer help with fundraising to some groups and organisations. Click on the Links tab for information about other organisations that offer advice and information about fundraising.

  • Budgets for community groups

    A small groups’ guide to preparing and using budgets

  • Fundraising from local businesses

    This information sheet aims to help you get started with applying to local businesses for small amounts of money or items that are useful to your group, such as raffle prizes or equipment you need for an activity. It includes advice and tips about asking local businesses for donations, and some sample letters.

  • Fundraising ideas

    This sheet aims to help you work out the best strategy for raising money for your group.

  • Monitoring and Evaluation

    Information to help your community group think about what you are aiming to achieve, how to find out if you are succeeding, and how to demonstrate to the outside world that what you are doing is useful.

  • Planning a funding application

    Planning your project, finding the right funders, preparing your budget.

  • Fundraising from trusts

    Tips for raising money from trust funders

These books are available at the Resource Centre, to borrow or to use in the Centre.

The services listed below are not provided by the Resource Centre. These are websites and services we feel are particularly useful for small groups in Brighton & Hove, and which are not easy to find by searching the internet.

Other services you might find useful

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