Help with fundraising

Other people who can help with Help with fundraising

Big Lottery Fund run several grant programmes. Their website contains useful guidance on monitoring and evaluating your group's work. This can be used to help with reporting to them and other funders.

BMECP have office space to rent. Also have hot desks which can be rented for a fixed number of hours per month. These include access to filing space and a broadband connection, phone, computers and printers. They have cheap photocopying available. They can help BME groups with fundraising.

Equipment provided:
Voting equipment

Community Works runs the following projects for the voluntary sector in Brighton & Hove:

They have an electronic voting system which is available to hire. This consists of hand-held pads which can be used by people in a meeting to vote. The results are then displayed instantly on a laptop. They also have a wooden ballot box, which groups can borrow.