Induction loop

An induction loop can help make your events more accessible for hearing aid users.
It is a loop of cable that is placed around the edge of the room where your meeting is taking place.
People speaking inside the loop are picked up by the microphones supplied and their voices are amplified for people whose hearing aids are set to the T position.

(If you need an induction loop for a one-to-one meeting, use our portable induction loop).

Dimensions for transport
Carrying case: W: 46cm, D: 15cm, H: 33cm
Dimensions in use
Length of loop cable: 60 metresCovers up to 200 square metres
We supply
  • Case containing everything you need to set up the induction loop
  • Instructions (inside the case)
  • Signs for the door of your meeting room, to alert hearing aid users that there is an induction loop set up

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