Exhibition boards (free-standing with 7 panels)

We have 5 sets of 7-panel free-standing display boards. Great for publicity, and exhibiting photos, artwork and displaying information. Please note that 4 of the 5 sets are the same make & model; one set is slightly different.Exhibition boards in use, at a photographic exhibition
Table top display boards also available

£10.75 a set for up to 1 week
Dimensions for transport
W: 94cm, H: 64cm, D: 16cm. Cases have handles and shoulder strap.
Dimensions in use
7 panels W: 57cm, H: 87cm Header panel: W: 57cm, H: 22cm. Triangle table top 53.5cm across. When erected: 174H x 180W
We supply
  • Hinged set of 3 panels, hinged set of 4 panels, triangular table section, small header panel, carrying case.
You need
  • A car to transport the boards
  • A clean dry surface to put them on

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