Laser printer and photocopier

This is the machine to use if you want to print in full colour, and want a high-quality finish. We only have one laser printer, so it is a good idea to book before you come.

What can you do on the laser printer and photocopier?

The machine prints A4 and A3 documents in full colour or black and white. We have a wide range of colours and weights of paper and card available. It also prints OHP transparencies, stickers, address labelsĀ andĀ 1.2 metre paper banners in full colour and black and white.

It can print double sided documents automatically (without you having to feed the paper through twice).

We have SRA3 paper in stock, so you can print documents of any size up to A3 with a colour bleed right to to the edge of the page. See our artwork page for more information on this.

You can send documents directly to the printer from one of our computers. You can also copy from paper originals, and use the machine as a scanner if you want to create electronic files from paper originals.

When is it better to use the laser printer for black and white printing?

If you are doing fewer than 100 copies of something in black and white, use the laser printer. For more than 100 copies, it will be cheaper to use the copyprinter. You can calculate the price for your job on the copy printer using our online print quote calculator. If you’re not sure which machine is the one you need, just ask us.


The laser printer is generally used for DIY printing, as most jobs are fairly small. We always have staff available to help you to use the machine.

Alternatively, you can use our send and collect print service. Send us your artwork and we will print it for you, with a turnaround time of up to 4 working days. We charge 20% extra for our print service, unless you are one of our priority groups.