Scope Local People Programme

Grants available for: New projects run by disabled people and/or unpaid carers in Brighton & Hove
Size of grants given: Normally a few hundred pounds
Next deadline: no deadlines, decisions made monthly

Aims of Fund

To support disabled people and unpaid carers to run community-led projects across the city, which will improve health and social inequalities.

Who can apply

Disabled people (with any physical, mental or learning impairment, illness or other access need) and unpaid carers.

You don’t have to be a constituted group, but the funding is for projects that will benefit the wider community, not particular individuals. At least 3 people need to apply to run the project collectively.

How much and what can you apply for

There is no set amount, but the funds allocated so far have been between £500 and £2000 per project. Current grant limits are up to £750.

Funding applications are voted on by a group of disabled people and unpaid carers. Any fundable project needs to meet at least one of current community priorities for the programme. These are reviewed every 6 months. The current priorities are:


  • Increasing equity and raising awareness of disability in any and all forms, and the needs of disabled people and carers;
  • Increasing physical and environmental access, such as making public transport more accessible;
  • Increasing access to activities, learning, volunteering, employment and enjoyment.


  • Increasing physical and environmental access, including making transport fully accessible to all;
  • Building up our networks, support and communities to reduce social isolation;
  • Increasing opportunities to access activities, have fun, learn, and build skills and confidence.

As well as funding, projects funded by the Local People Programme are supported through the monthly Get Togethers, by a paid worker employed by Scope, and relevant training opportunities. The monthly Get Togethers are a central part of the programme – they do not give out funding to groups who are not part of this network.

How to apply

Contact Harriet Cavanagh for an initial discussion.

Deadlines for application

No deadlines

Decisions on funding for new project proposals are made by the participants in the programme at the monthly Get Togethers.

Other details

The Local People Programme is run by a Project Board made up of local disabled people. Participants in the programme have the opportunity to join this Board or get more involved in working groups around outreach, research and awareness-raising to help break down barriers for disabled people. The Local People projects in Brighton and Hove supported by Scope are funded by People’s Health Trust using money raised by The Health Lottery South East.

Projects funded so far include:

  • Beach Access Team
  • Disability Pride
  • VisAbility Arts exhibition (work by disabled artists with invisible disabilities)
  • A weekly chronic illness and pain social group

Contact details

07436 830997

Date & initials

11/03/20 MS

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