Ernest Kleinwort Charitable Trust

Grants available for: Registered charities based in Sussex, working in fields of wildlife and conservation, support for disabled people, care for the elderly, general welfare, family planning and youth care.
Size of grants given: Most under £10,000
No deadlines for grants up to £5,000.
Next deadline for £5K-£10K: 11th Febrary 2018. (Opens 4th January 2018)

Aims of Fund

Preference is given to charities operating in Sussex and charities working in the fields of Wildlife and Environmental Conservation (UK and International)

Grants are given for charitable work in the fields of:

  • Care of the Elderly
  • Disability
  • General Welfare
  • Hospices
  • Medical Research (particularly care of sufferers from lesser-known diseases)
  • Reproductive Health (International)
  • Wildlife & Environmental Conservation (UK and International)
  • Youth

Who can apply

Registered charities based in Sussex, working in the fields listed above. Grants also available to registered charities in the UK and internationally, particularly those focusing on wildlife and conservation.

They don’t normally give funds for longer than one year and don’t fund preschools, playschemes, individuals or campaigning organisations (full list of exclusions is on their website)

How much and what can you apply for

Small and medium one off grants of up to £10,000 are available for core costs, one off projects or capital purchases. Grants for over £10,000 are generally only available to charities that have an existing relationship with the trust that has been built up over several years.

Examples of beneficiaries in Sussex 2015-16 include:

  • AMAZE (£1,000)
  • East Sussex Association of Blind and Partially Sighted People (£1,500)
  • Extratime (£3,000)
  • Whoopsadaisy (£4,000)
  • CASE (£1,500)
  • Fareshare (£10,000)
  • Sussex Cricket in the Community Trust (£1,500)

How to apply

First, complete the eligibility questionnaire on their website.

There are three online application forms:

You will also need to download and submit a budget template with your application.

Deadlines for application

No deadlines for grants under £5000.

Applications for grants of up to £10,000 are accepted four times a year between the following dates:
4th January – 11th February
18th April – 19th May
10th July – 20th August
9th September – 19th November

Contact details

Sally Case
Grants Executive
07539 701577 

Date & initials

27/11/17 RR


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