PA (mains powered with CD player)

PA4 has 80W output, one mic with lead, will play normal CDs, but not CD-RWs or CD-Rs.

We also have smaller PAs suitable for meetings, and a very small mobile PA.

You can attach an MP3 player, other audio equipment or additional speakers to any of our PAs.

£9.25 for up to 1 week.
Dimensions for transport
W: 55cm, D: 36cm, H: 41cm.
Dimensions in use
W: 55cm, D: 36cm, H: 41cm.
We supply
  • PA with power lead,
  • Instructions and microphones.
  • Optional extras:
  • Leads to connect PA to other audio equipment
  • Microphone desk stand
  • Tall microphone stand with boom
You need
  • A car to transport it – a trolley is NOT suitable
  • Mains power supply

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