Balloon typhoon

It is a giant inflatable clowns head that is filled with balloons which swirl around inside and children can play with the balloons. The eyes of the clown are transparent so that parents can observe. Partially inflate 30 balloons and put them inside – they are swirled around by the fan which is keeping the clown inflated.

50 balloons included in hire fee. Extra balloons available on sale or return at £5 per 50.

We recommend that you do a risk assessment before using the Balloon Typhoon. We have a sample that you can download at: Balloon Typhoon Sample Risk Assessment (PDF); or Balloon Typhoon Risk Assessment (Word).

None of our equipment is insured. You can get one day’s insurance from Leisure Insure. You can get a quote and pay online at

£30 for a week's hire. 50 extra balloons £5.00
Dimensions for transport
Balloon Typhoon in bag: W: 79cm, D:41cm, H: 109cm Blower: W: 46cm, D: 75cm, H: 43cm Box containing sandbag & other bits: W: 54cm, D: 36cm, H: 30cm Caution: this box is very heavyPlus 4 other sandbags if you are going to use it indoors
Dimensions in use
Inflated typhoon15ft x 15ft x 14ft high Weight of inflated unit: 50lbs
We supply
  • Balloon Typhoon (Wattage: 750W) packed into large bag
  • Mains powered blower
  • 1 Sandbag (or 5 sandbags for indoor use)
  • Mallet
  • Brush
  • 6 Metal stakes
  • Extension reel and power breaker
  • 50 balloons
  • Full instructions
You need
  • Mains power supply (not a generator)
  • Area of grass or indoor space – not gravel or concrete
  • Car to transport it in
  • 2 people to set it up
  • Someone to supervise on the day.

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