Our business plan 2017-20

From the Chair’s introduction to the Resource Centre business plan, 2017-20:

“In 2016 the Resource Centre celebrated its 40th year of operation. Over the decades, the Centre has gone through many changes. But the central, simple idea of a shared pool of resources for community groups in the city has remained at the heart of the organisation’s work throughout that time.

When looking at voluntary sector strategy documents and listening to current buzzwords, like collaboration, resilience, and the sharing economy, I am struck by how forward-thinking and visionary the founders of the Resource Centre were, back in the 1970s.

Their common sense solution to the shared problems faced by diverse community groups led them to create a really effective peer-to-peer network, long before Facebook was invented. Because the Resource Centre is owned and managed by small community groups, the equipment and resources held at the Centre are truly shared by thousands of people in the city – a resilient sharing economy that has been developing for decades.

The Resource Centre offers a way for small groups to collaborate and learn from each other, without compromising the independence and expertise which make them so effective. At its centre is an alliance of many of the most marginalised groups in the city who have created a structure that not only services their own needs but also provides a hub for hundreds of other small groups.”


Download the Resource Centre Business Plan 2017-20 (PDF, 1MB)