Our aims and structure

A unique resource

The Resource Centre is a charity serving voluntary and community groups in the Brighton and Hove area. We are used by around 1000 different local groups every year, from playgroups to environmental campaigns, residents associations to arts organisations.

The Centre has been in existence since 1975. Through many changes over the decades since then, the Centre has retained its unique position as a supportive space for grass roots community activity in Brighton and Hove.

The Resource Centre has survived and grown because of a distinctive philosophy and consistent practice. Key to our success are:

  • Providing practical services, asked for by groups.
  • Keeping our focus on small groups, rooted in the communities they serve
  • Giving priority to the needs of groups in marginalised communities, and taking our lead from them
  • Working intensively with groups in a timely and responsive way
  • Supporting our experienced team of staff to keep the Centre open, accessible and efficient

Practical services

We provide a well-resourced print room, a range of equipment for hire, a calm space to work, and a widely praised online information service for groups. All our services have been developed in response to requests from community groups, and they are heavily used by groups across Brighton and Hove and beyond.

Grass roots focus

We believe in supporting the community activity of ordinary people, and our focus is on the small groups that emerge from communities when people get together to improve their own lives and the lives of the people around them.

Priority direction

the integrated package of support offered by the Resource Centre to its priority groups is part of an ongoing relationship of trust and respect; the package of support enables groups to understand the full range of responsibilities, including financial, safeguarding, health and safety and accountability that they are required to have.”

Money in Mind independent evaluation report 2012

Because we want our services to be accessible to all groups who need them, we take extra steps to make sure groups in marginalised communities are not squeezed out. We offer additional support to groups based in areas of social housing, black and minority ethnic groups, and groups run by disabled people.

Rather than parachuting in with worthy advice, we take our lead from groups in the most deprived communities of the city. Our priority groups are all eligible for membership of the Centre, and our management committee is elected by and composed of activists in these groups.

Our current management committee (elected at the AGM in October 2018) is:

  • Roy Crowhurst – Woods House Residents’ Association (Chair)
  • Awel Harun Abdo – Oromo Community in Brighton & Hove
  • Robin Berry – Coldean Residents’ Association
  • Muriel Briault – North Portslade Residents’ Association
  • Barry Hughes – Sylvan Hall Residents’ Association
  • Ann Packham – Ingram Crescent Residents’ Association
  • Sohna Sosseh – Brighton and Hove First Ladies
  • Jason Williams – Hereford Court Community Association

RC AGM 2018 DRAFT minutes

On the spot

We make our services available centrally for groups to use when they need them, rather than offering proactive training or community development support in neighbourhoods. We believe that our responsive approach complements other services available in the city, and enables groups to take the lead in obtaining support that exactly fits their specific needs.

To hear from groups about how our support makes a difference to their work, see our page on what our users think.

Team work

Our team of six staff bring a wealth of experience, knowledge and commitment to the Centre. The staff work together to manage the Centre, maintain equipment and provide expert support to groups.

Our staff team is currently:

  • Dani Ahrens
  • Kate Chapman
  • Judy Goss
  • Alan Gray
  • Kate Page
  • Mireille Shimoda

To email any member of staff directly, use this formula: firstname.lastname@resourcecentre.org.uk

Last updated: November 2018