Postcode Community Trust

Grants available for: supporting marginalised groups in obtaining the skills & resources to effect change in their own communities.
Size of grants available: Up to £2,000 for organisations that are not registered charities; up to £20,000 for charities.
Next deadline: To be confirmed. Likely to be January 2017.

Aims of Fund

Postcode Community Trust seeks to empower groups of people by providing them with the skills they need to effect change in their own communities. Some groups may feel they cannot participate fully in activities within their community because of isolation, disability or age. The fund aims to help them overcome these barriers in creative and sustainable ways. Projects should help to regenerate communities by improving social cohesion, economic infrastructure and provide or improve community-based facilities.

Who can apply

Community groups, charities and Community Interest Companies.

How much and what can you apply for

Up to £20,000 if you are a registered charity. Groups that are not formally registered as a charity can apply for up to £2,000.

Postcode Community Trust provides funding for activities that:

Promote community development projects including

  • support for older people relieving isolation
  • support for young carers and their families and/or support for families caring for disabled children or relatives
  • projects which enhance or enable volunteering opportunities which help to regenerate communities.

Support community cohesion by:

  • enhancing facilities which benefit a wide segment of a community
  • increasing public participation in sports especially for those at a disadvantage due to disability, age, financial hardship or gender
  • utilising sports to enhance the skills and life chances of disadvantaged groups
  • providing recreational facilities, or the organising of recreational activities, with the object of improving the conditions of life for those utilising the facilities/activities; promoting inter-generational cohesion
  • promoting a community’s social history.

Things that they don’t fund

Postcode Community Trust will not accept applications for projects that:

  • request sporting kit or equipment (see their separate Community Sports grants for this:
  • relieve poverty through training or advocacy programmes, family support/intervention projects or relief of addiction and/or homelessness;
  • enhance the natural environment with habitat conservation programmes or community garden schemes;
  • promote the human rights/citizenship of marginalized groups; and
  • promote healthy living or better mental health.

If your project fits within the above themes, please refer to People’s Postcode Trust and Postcode Local Trust.

A full list of exclusions, and guidance on the pricing of items in your application, is included in the guidance notes.

How to apply

Complete the application form on their website.

Deadlines for application

To be confirmed. Likely to be January 2017.

Contact details

For queries:
Trust Helpdesk on 0131 555 7287;
For further guidance notes and the application form:

Date & initials

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