Our business plan 2013-16

With 800 user groups in Brighton and Hove, the Resource Centre is probably the most widely used infrastructure support agency in the city. Founded by a coalition of community groups in 1976, we are also one of the oldest. Our regular user surveys show extremely high levels (often above 90%) of satisfaction with our services. Surveys also show that for around 70% of our users we are their sole support agency: we are reaching parts of the city that no other organisation reaches. Finally, we raise 30% of our income through our own trading activities.

This business plan outlines how we plan to build on our achievements and meet the challenges we will encounter in 2013–16. Throughout the plan we will be stressing three interrelated themes:

  • That any changes in the period will be minor and gradual. We know we are already extremely successful at what we do, and don’t plan any major changes in our work.
  • The importance of an integrated service. We know that a major aspect of our success comes from the way in which our different services strengthen each other.
  • The central focus of the Centre on small groups. Around 70% of our user groups have fewer than 10 core members, a similar number have no paid staff and more than 75% receive no local authority funding.

Download the Resource Centre Business Plan 2013-16